Whole Body Vibration Machines

The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machines

Many people would like the benefits of running, but do not like actually lacing up and going out for run or jog.  What if you were able to get the benefits of an hour long run in 10 minutes?  With the growing passive exercise movement and the invention of the Whole Body Vibration Machine this is possible.

How does the whole-body vibration machine work?

  • People stand on the whole-body vibration machine with their knees bent around 30-degrees while the surface that they are standing on vibrates up to 30 times per second.
  • The unstable surface makes your body send signals to the brain that tells it is falling.
  • In response to the falling stimulus the brain sends out the stress reflex, which is an extremely rapid muscle contraction. These rapid muscle contractions are responsible for the benefits received from this type of exercise machine.

Who can benefit from using the whole-body vibration machine?

  • The working professional or the busy parent
    • Those people who do not have a lot of time on their hands can benefit the most from this type of machine. The Whole-body vibration machines are said to reduce the stress hormone called cortisol and elevate the human growth hormone.  Just the change in these two different hormones will increase your ability to recover from injuries.
    • According to most manufactures, the whole-body vibration machine also decreases cellulite while simultaneously stimulating the growth of collagen for smoother looking skin.
    • The other benefits include increased bone mineral density as well as a boost in metabolism.
  • Those suffering from health restrictions
    • People who are suffering from mobility restrictions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even Parkinson’s disease can benefit from using a whole-body vibration machine.
    • The whole-body vibration machine’s benefits that are specific to these people include increases in muscle strength, enhanced range of motion to include general flexibility, and strengthening of core muscles around the stomach area.
  • The elderly
    • A study completed by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2004 found that those who used the whole-body vibration machine for 30 minutes three times a week increased their overall bone density in their hips. Which is extremely beneficial for the elderly suffering from weak hips.
    • Another proven benefit for the elderly is the increase in circulation and muscle stimulation. Which would increase their overall speed of movement and longevity.
  • Athletes
    • Finally, athletes can benefit from the whole-body vibration machine because it helps reduce recovery time between training sessions.

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Vibration Training  Vibration training is purely eccentric and anaerobic in traction which can take the targeted muscles to complete fatigue over a short period of time (approximately 60 seconds). The reason for the short during of the sets is that the muscle can respond in an eccentric fashion down to approximately 40 m/s (40 contractions per second), as opposed to concentric contractions that are much slower and less powerful. The reason the eccentric phase is sought after for physiotherapy or training purposes is heavy eccentric loading taking the muscle to complete fatigue does not induce the same amount of tissue damage or inflammation markers as concentric phases do, but exert the same amount of force and energy from the body.
Vibration Exercise  Lee Novack Owner and Founder of 10 Minute Fitness Shows some Exercises on the vibration machine of T-Zone.

Best Gym Fitness Equipment


Majority world people are interested in three things in life health, wealth and fame. The person considered destined with the God grace that is having all these things. Health is more important to enjoy the rest two in life if he/she is good enough healthy. Thus as per the ancient and modern science health is an important factor playing in once life and considered his/her wealth to enjoy the life. But born with the God grace having this are very few. Most people due to their life style and habits, unable to pace with fast life are suffering of health issues. Thus to avoid diseases it requires to have daily exercises. One can do exercise at home or at gym. If you are well trained for gym equipments, you can do exercises at home fitness equipment. If you are a beginner and want to do systematic practice and learn the usage of gym equipment, the gym visit will be a good option.

Here it is discussed about few of the gym equipments like boxing equipments, crossfit exercise equipment and kettlebells etc. when we are thinking about boxing, two person prompt coming to our minds are Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield who made boxing world famous. Here we are talking about the importance of boxing as fitness exercise and even you can use them for profession training for boxing competition also. Thus need to choose best suitable boxing gloves for you. Boxing gloves from renowned brands like Everest come with a guarantee and assurance of best pair as per your requirement. Everlast pro style training gloves are best. You can get variety of branded boxing gloves on selection. Everlast brand has best selection of boxing gear, boxing bags and boxing equipment for sale.

Crossfit exercise equipments are easy to use and cheaper than other fitness equipments. Adjustable pair ankle weights are good as the weights to legs are adjustable. Thus one can buy and use multiple weights of different increments. This is adjustable in 0.1kg increments up to a total of 1kg per leg and 2kg in a pair. Casing is superior comfort with Velcro closure for toning the legs while walking, jogging and running. Another Crossfit Exercise Equipment micro hurdle improves lateral movement, agility and foot speed for athletes. Micro hurdles also protect against the high risk impact of traditional plyometrics used in knee raise and acceleration drills. Batting ropes is used to train users balance. This gym equipment is designed for professional gym or home gym for fitness with fun to be in shape having good features of developing grip strength, improves core conditioning and good for cardiac exercise and mental toughness. Gymnastic ring is a challenging and diverse method of using your own bodyweight exercising for home use. Light weight, portability and easy setup made it more popular among home gym equipment. Kettlebell exercise is good for fitness by losing weight, strength training and muscles building. Kettlebell training is good and natural exercise for athletes to improve the performance. There are so many other fitness equipments used in home gym or commercial gym for daily fitness exercises to keep yourself fit, in shape and healthy for long.

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Four Excellent Machines To Burn Fat

Four Excellent Machines To Burn Fat

The devices listed below are related to cardiovascular and aerobic workouts. These devices bring more dynamism and more variety in your workout routines. Excellent for those who want to lose weight and live a healthy life. Some devices include more efficient electronic devices that measure your weight before and after workout, the amount of calories burned, time elapsed, heart rate, and other useful information. What are those great fitness equipments and what benefits they offer…


The Treadmill is a device composed by a closed belt in which a person can walk or run, with or without changing the rhythm. This is supported by a solid bridge, and is powered either by an electric motor or by the user. It is generally provided with a shock absorption system, usually rubber pads that are designed to minimize stress on joints. Using a treadmill will speed up the metabolic rate and allow your body to absorb and use more nutrients wich he consume. It will also help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar and increase energy levels.
When it is used for burning fat and losing weight, it is necessary to use it daily. A treadmill will burn more calories by increasing your training frequency. You can start with a slow running and then increase speed as the body adapts. You can also select different levels of inclination to provide extra strength when you go to a more advanced level. By exercising large muscles of the legs, a treadmill will help you burn more calories and fat.

Elliptical Trainer

The Elliptical trainer is a machine that combines the natural rhythm of a treadmill and stair climbing ease. On an elliptical trainer you sit comfortably in an upright position while keeping your hands on the machine handles and pedal forward or backward. Elliptical trainer burns more calories than regular treadmill or bicycle.
With an elliptical cross trainer you will get benefits of aerobics and resistance exercises without wearing your joints.
Elliptical machine offers a good cardio workout, making your heart beat within, without overloading your joints. This machine work all your leg muscles by strengthening and toning them. It is an ideal device for those who are overweight and will not do jogging.

Stationary Bike

There are two types of stationary bike that you can use, the vertical and lying. Vertical bike simulates real riding of a bicycle, except it does not go anywhere. Lying bike on the other hand, has its seat in place, and has pedals in front. Bicycle exercises are good for cardiovascular fitness and toning the thighs. Lying bikes are especially good for toning the butt. Being stationary, you can enjoy your favorite magazine or a TV program while you are training. For overweight people, lying bikes offers the seat advantage that can be more comfortable than traditional saddle. This type of bike is more ergonomic than a traditional vertical bike and provides an effective way to improve aerobic capacity, and fat burning.
In addition, it provides more support for your back and can be a little more comfortable for people with back pain.


Steppers are available in two versions: hydraulic or scale. The device tones buttocks, thighs and hips. These are women areas, that tend to “balloon” because of too many calories and too little exercise.
Scale stepper is recommended as one of the best cardio machines for people of all ages and shape.


The Vibration Of Forgiveness

The great English poet Alexander Pope wrote that “to err is human, to forgive divine.” I contemplated this stating for practically 20 years before I could finally bring myself to forgive somebody for committing an act of violence against me. The act of forgiveness indicates many things to lots of people, and for me it meant launching the concern of this negative experience and releasing the negative emotions that I was holding onto.


We are bioelectric beings; that is, we have electrical currents flowing through us, and the frequency of these currents can impact our well-being. Our emotions are energy in motion, and because unfavorable emotions vibrate at a low frequency, feelings such as pain, worry and spite can restrict the circulation of energy so that we end up being heavy, sluggish and frequently stuck. For example, when we hold onto anger, this feeling can get stuck in our joints, causing inflammation and discomfort, whereas deep psychological pain may impact the heart and respiratory system, and fear, worry and anxiety can end up being trapped along the spine and influence the central nervous system.


With forgiveness, we launch unfavorable feelings such as anger and fear, and our energy flow becomes unstuck and starts to vibrate at a higher frequency. When we don’t forgive, we lose, since when we remain to keep our negative sensations, we eventually end up being emotionally and physically unbalanced. However, forgiveness really gives us individual power. When we forgive somebody, we eliminate that person’s power over us. Previous injures can literally weigh us down, like a sphere and chain around our whole being, making us feel stuck and not able to move forward in our life. Forgiveness does not always imply reconciliation with the individual who hurt us, or that we excuse their actions; nevertheless, it is a process that can help us find inner peace.

When we forgive somebody, we are not just releasing unfavorable emotions, but we are likewise including the free flow of favorable high vibrations, and the vibration of forgiveness can undoubtedly lift us and benefit us in many methods.


These are a few of the important things the vibration of forgiveness can do for us:
– Lighten our heart by removing the heavy weight of unfavorable experiences

– Lighten our speech when we stop complaining or accusing others of accountabling for our experiences

– Lighten our emotions by launching feelings of anger, disappointment, spite and pain and make room for peace, pleasure and love

– Free us so that we are no longer oppressed by the conditions we when believed were managed by another person or by external forces

– Free us to live and to enjoy

– Strengthen us by allowing us to recognize our ability to withstand any circumstance or experience and rise above it, discover from it and progress with our life

To get more information about the best ways to raise your vibration and start to live favorably and consciously see us at http://www.raiseyourvibration.ca.

Dawn James is a vibrational specialist; speaker and author of the book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vigor and Inner Peace. Autographed copies are readily available at http://www.raiseyourvibration.ca. Contact Dawn at http://www.dawnjames.org

Helicopter Vibration Solutions

From decades of operating rotary wing aircraft, militaries, civil manufacturers and operators of helicopters around the world, have learned that one of the biggest enemies to sustained flight operations can be destructive harmonic resonant high frequency vibration (HRHFV). HRHFV is defined for trial purposes as the tendency of the drivetrain to mechanically. Such vibrations are caused by imbalances in the drivetrain, uneven friction, and the uneven meshing of gear teeth. Rotary wing operators worldwide have borne the costs of dynamic component failure due to damaging HRHFV, long before predicted time before overhaul (TBO). Eli Navon says “It has been observed that safety-related problems in various parts of the aircraft have arisen from HRHFV causes. Problems such cracked welds, cracked fuselages, loose wiring connections, and in-flight failure of dynamic components”.


Attempts within industry to address these problems have mostly focused on monitoring vibration data using different methods of analyzing data trends in an attempt to predict useful life of dynamic components or to warn of imminent component failure. None of these solutions were intended to actively reduce or eliminate the damaging vibration, only to monitor it.



Shake’d Technologies, Incorporated have developed an innovative technology–Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB)–that virtually eliminates the detrimental effects of vibration and harmonic resonance within the drive-train, aimed at reducing operating and support (O&S) costs while increasing aircraft availability, safety of flight and logistics supportability says Eli Navon.

Rotary wing aircraft are often plagued with dynamic component malfunctions within the drive train components. The root cause of many of these issues can be traced to harmful vibration of the dynamic components; more specifically, harmonic resonant high frequency vibration (HRHFV). HRHFV causes an unplanned accelerated reduction of the airframes useful life thereby increasing operating and support (O&S) costs and decreasing both aircraft availability, safety of flight, and logistics supportability.

According to Eli Navon CDB is unique, newly developed technology that employs a complex proprietary set of algorithms aimed at eliminating destructive HRHFV. Beyond just monitoring for vibration, the CDB algorithms analyze collected vibration data to determine the specific solution for each individual aircraft in order that its drivetrain may be custom balanced, eliminating HRHFV. Each aircraft drivetrain is then physically balanced within its own vibration profile using the solution given. The dramatic results our system is demonstrating in harsh operational environments when operated only by soldiers is providing the Army with a key technology enabler that is transforming the way maintenance is done today

Eli Navon www.cdbdata.com

ELI NAVON is a businessman whose involvement extends throughout the defense, aviation technologies and real estate Industries. seven years ago, he entered the defense industry and since then, he has worked on many successful projects. Navon’s contribution to defense industry spans from United state to Euorpe and the Israeli defense market place. Eli Navon is known for his business acumen, penchant for detail and perfection, as well as a disciplined approach for business, management and finance. His trained vision for new opportunities has lead to numerous successful projects. Eli Navon served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and is a successful 3rd generation entrepreneur.

Use Rowing Machines for Exercising

Rowing devices or rowers are a kind of physical fitness equipment that has just recently been introduced. They are capable of supplying a host of benefits and it is no surprise that they are getting to be progressively popular. They are stated to give your entire body an excellent exercise not forgetting the core muscles. You can use one of these excellent rowing elliptical trainers not just for a cardiovascular session however for resistance training also. If you make use of a rower in your exercise regular then there are many benefits to be had so keep reading to find out more.

Rowers provide you a good exercise movement without effect which is ideal for individuals who are struggling with joint problems. One can modify the exercises with the rowing elliptical trainers for cardiovascular sessions and strength training. They are great for an entire body workout. If you are in search of exercise equipment for your home, then your best choice would be a great rower. There is a wide range to select from and you can choose one as per your workout objectives. The majority of these machines are likewise very compact and are good for house use.

One advantage about the rowers is that they can be made use of for home exercises by any member of the family as per their benefit. You can adjust these rowing elliptical trainers for resistance according to the size and height of individuals and they are simple to utilize also. And since the exercises are of the non effect kind, people with joint problems too can use them with ease and thus they have ended up being the most preferable type of fitness devices today.

If you are aiming to buy among the rowers then you might want to think of where you will certainly keep it. Some rowing machines are about six feet long and can be either folded away or kept under the bed. Ensure that you have suitable flooring or you may end up harming the carpeting or other kind of floor surface area that you might have.

Rowers are stated to be really helpful for those you wish to slim down by burning calories, develop strength, improve stamina and enhance cardio physical fitness. Numerous a time rowing devices are also made use of for rehabilitation in case of injury to joints, muscles and ligaments.

Rowing machines come in four various resistance types; air resistance, water resistance, piston resistance and magnetic resistance. The air and water resistance rowers are the most popular ones although they cost a little more; however then they are extremely long lasting and lasting. Today, with the innovative Web innovation that we have, you can get a better offer if you shop online; there is a great deal of option and you can see the photos and videos of the products before you choose to purchase them which you can do from the convenience of your bed room.

So what are you awaiting? If you are looking for a few of the best rowing devices, take a look at the rowers available here!

A Quick Overview Of The Best Rowing Machines

A rower may seem like a simple piece of equipment to use, but it is actually a little more complex than you might think. The fitness machine was created to help individuals get in shape and improve their overall health. The rowing machine helps to build muscle, burn calories and help increase metabolism. Not every rower is the same, however. Some machines have become popular over the years because of the advanced features that they have available. There are some machines that have risen to the top in terms of their features and technology.

The top names have the ability to accommodate any size and (almost) weight person. These make the machine more accessible to a greater variety of users.

– The Concept 2:

The Concept 2 rowers are some of the best names in rowing machines in the fitness industry. The design of it is sleek and the movement is smooth and gives users a great workout at the same time. These machines have a computer addition to the machine, which helps users see the progress of their workout. It also allows you to record your workouts and analyze your progress over time.

– Schwinn Windrigger:

The Schwinn Windrigger is made by one of the biggest names in bicycles. They also produce a full line of equipment and gear for other athletic activities. It uses air resistant technology to provide a workout that can be as strenuous as you want it to be.

– Stamina:

Stamina rowing machines are built to hold up well under a great deal of use. The machines are durably built, but they are lightweight so that they can be moved about the room when needed. The machines in the Stamina line use air resistance, hydraulics and magnetic to offer the user a good workout. Choose the model that best meets your needs for resistance.

– Kettler Rowing Machine:

A Kettlermachine is a top of the line piece of fitness equipment. The name Kettler is associated with the finest rowing machines in the business. The machines are designed to meet the needs of rowers with every level of fitness experience.

– WaterRower Rowing Machines:

The WaterRower machines are designed to give the user the feeling of rowing on actual water. The machines are exquisitely designed to look good in any room dcor. You can find a stylish rower made of elegant woods that are solid and sturdy.

These are the best machines available in rowing machines. When you are looking for a great workout that meets your physical needs, choosing among these machines ensures you will find just what you need. Whether you need a lightweight design that can be moved easily or you are looking for the toughest workout, there is a rower for you among these top brands.

Visit my site to learn more about indoor rowing machines and learn more about the concept 2 rowing machine.

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5 Benefits Of Elliptical Exercise Machines

So if you’re attempting to choose in between an elliptical fitness instructor and another piece of physical fitness equipment, you’re most likely questioning the benefits of elliptical exercise devices.

Ellipticals give you some distinct advantages over other forms of fitness devices like treadmills, recumbent stationary bicycle or rowing machines. Provided these benefits you may decide that an elliptical fitness instructor is the best buy for you.

Right here are 5 of the major advantages you get from exercising on an elliptical crosstrainer:

# 1 Lower Effect than Other Physical fitness Devices

Ellipticals are terrific for those who are susceptible to injury or are currently hurt considering that they provide low impact workouts and are much easier on the joints than other equipment.

For example, a friend of mine had to stop running because of uncomfortable shin splints. She loved to exercise and was going bananas not being able to exercise. So she decided to get an elliptical fitness instructor – and likes it much more than her treadmill. If you’re trying to find a low impact workout that still burns a lot of calories, an elliptical might be right for you.

# 2 Total Body Workouts Works Both Upper and Lower Body

Due to the fact that the majority of ellipticals feature upper body arm bars that move, you can work not just your legs but your arms too. This provides you a total body exercise (instead of walking on a treadmill or pitching on a workout bike which primarily simply utilizes your legs).

This can result in more calories burned as well as much lower and upper body toning.

# 3 Capability to Crosstrain Better

Since of the lots of choices you have with elliptical trainers, you can crosstrain your body – and work different sets of muscle better.

For instance, on an elliptical you can go forward or backward. Numerous ellipticals now include incline, which changes the slope of the elliptical motion and helps to bring in different groups of muscles to work through the movement.

And there are numerous ellipticals which alter the pathway of your elliptical – from a conventional elliptical arc to a more flat strolling motion. So you’re constantly challenging your body and avoiding exercise plateaus.

# 4 Weight Resistant Workouts

Elliptical Trainers are simple to make use of yet still provide weight resistant workouts that help develop bone density, battle osteoporosis, and boost metabolism

# 5 Improved Models Give A More Comfy Workout

One final benefit is that elliptical fitness instructors are ending up being a lot more comfy to utilize. The newer designs are including a more ergonomic design (which more precisely mimics your body’s natural running movement) much heavier flywheels (for a smoother, more even feeling trip) and even tilted foot pedals.

All these things help you to tailor the elliptical path more carefully to your certain body’s motion – providing you a more comfy elliptical workout.

So those are 5 advantages of elliptical workout machines. While an elliptical might not be right for everyone, they do provide some excellent benefits that can get you faster lead to less time.

Vienna Miller composes for Elliptical Evaluations a site providing the most recent elliptical testimonials, ratings and discount rate links.

For the top 3 Best Elliptical buys visit Finest Elliptical Trainers

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4 Compact Washing Machines That Can Fit Small Laundry Spaces

Many people have to deal with limited laundry spaces. Because of that, they usually just dispense with the idea of getting their own washer and just make-do with the washer provided by the apartment or the dorm.

Sharing one washing machine with everyone else in the apartment or the dormitory is such a huge hassle. That being said, you should seriously consider getting your own washer. But don’t worry, with the numerous compact washing machines now available in the market, you should be able to find one suitable for your small laundry area.

The following are some of the top choices in the market today:

1. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

This small washer can accommodate up to 6 pounds of clothes. Despite its simple construction, it is complete with all the usual features of washer. It has 3 water levels, 3 wash cycles, quiet operation, end of cycle signal and electronic controls features. Moreover, casters are installed at the bottom part of the machine to make it is easier to move. This is just right for small families with small laundry needs. This machine is also quite easy to install so you wouldn’t need an expert handyman to do the job for you.

2. Avanti Portable Small Washing Machine It occupies 2.3 cubic feet of your laundry area. Its small footprint definitely does not take up a lot of space. But it does have a fairly big capacity. It can accommodate up to 12 pounds of washing loads. This washer is automatic so you can wash your garments with ease. It also comes complete with the compartments and dispensers you need to hold cleaning products.

3. Haier HWD1000 Front-Load 1.7-Cubic-Foot Washer/Dryer Combo

If you are looking for an efficient compact washer, this is a good choice. It functions both as a washer and a dryer so you can save up more on space. You wouldn’t have to buy a separate dryer. It is an efficient washing machine that can cut back on energy and water consumption.

4. Danby Twin Tub Laundry

This compact washer can accommodate up to 4.5 kilograms of clothes. You can wash your loads of laundry in one washing cycle. It has been equipped with an energy efficient kind of agitator. This machine is also quite durable. It is made from rust resistant materials.

In most cases, spending money on portable or compact washing machines is more economical than buying the full-sized ones. These washers are less prone to breakages as well.

You should find out the pros and cons of using a Roper dryer. Check out http://www.washingmachineadvisor.com to read more reviews about some popular dryers today.

How great are treadmill machines for general fitness?

Treadmills are an outstanding way to construct cardio health for everyone
Cardiovascular workouts are essential for a wholesome body and right here we’ll speak concerning the role of treadmill devices in cardio physical fitness.
How terrific are treadmill devices for common health? The inquiry could be addressed by comparing the various types of devices obtainable for indoor cardiovascular exercises. To pick from there are elliptical trainers and treadmills. Normally, both the gadgets are fully equipped to assist their customers obtain their fitness goals. The treadmill provides an excellent simulation to running outdoors and is more effective for joggers who are utilized to running outside. However it includes a much smoother surface area than concrete and enables you to run to get a lengthier amount of time.
Practically all of the treadmill devices permit the user to modify speed and incline enabling you to vary your tempo which has a preferable impact on health. Treadmill machines, instead of elliptical trainers make the user continuously raise their ft which helps in toning up the overall body and consists of a positive effect on the bones. This can make it an immediate alternative for younger fitness center goers and thoughtful runners. The elliptical fitness instructor is much more matched for seniors.
It is exceptionally possible to reduce weight using just a treadmill, although it’s better to integrate a treadmill with fat training. Lots of people who make use of a treadmill consistently lose several kilos of fat beause from the aerobic acitivity and tension that’s positioned around the body. As an outcome in addition they end up being more healthy and improve their general fitness levels. Many people who utilize treadmills regularly likewise begin to delight in and look forward to their treadmill sessions every day. It has been proven that workout can be addicting as your body reacts well to the additional blood flow via the system and the physical rush that you receive from working out.

Other devices like a stationary bike or an elliptical are also exceptionally excellent for enhancing basic physical fitness. These gadgets run inside a similar technique to treadmill devices and likewise elevate the coronary heart rate and increase the blood circulation in the body. As treadmills imitate cardio activity with much less tension on the physique they’re favored by several physical fitness specialists all over the world. Gyms normally have many different kind of aerobic machines with treadmills becoming the most popular.
Without warming up correctly in the start of the exercise, no person can attain their desired fitness level. Treadmill devices are far better fit for people on an asking for workout plan. Utilizing the changes you can make on pace and slope, treadmill devices aid in getting the body sufficiently warmed up before beginning all the other physique exercises including weights. How terrific are treadmill devices for common health? Perfectly they’re the key for younger individuals if they are not running to the gym currently.

For more details on treadmills for sale see our web site.

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