Four Excellent Machines To Burn Fat

Four Excellent Machines To Burn Fat

The devices listed below are related to cardiovascular and aerobic workouts. These devices bring more dynamism and more variety in your workout routines. Excellent for those who want to lose weight and live a healthy life. Some devices include more efficient electronic devices that measure your weight before and after workout, the amount of calories burned, time elapsed, heart rate, and other useful information. What are those great fitness equipments and what benefits they offer…


The Treadmill is a device composed by a closed belt in which a person can walk or run, with or without changing the rhythm. This is supported by a solid bridge, and is powered either by an electric motor or by the user. It is generally provided with a shock absorption system, usually rubber pads that are designed to minimize stress on joints. Using a treadmill will speed up the metabolic rate and allow your body to absorb and use more nutrients wich he consume. It will also help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar and increase energy levels.
When it is used for burning fat and losing weight, it is necessary to use it daily. A treadmill will burn more calories by increasing your training frequency. You can start with a slow running and then increase speed as the body adapts. You can also select different levels of inclination to provide extra strength when you go to a more advanced level. By exercising large muscles of the legs, a treadmill will help you burn more calories and fat.

Elliptical Trainer

The Elliptical trainer is a machine that combines the natural rhythm of a treadmill and stair climbing ease. On an elliptical trainer you sit comfortably in an upright position while keeping your hands on the machine handles and pedal forward or backward. Elliptical trainer burns more calories than regular treadmill or bicycle.
With an elliptical cross trainer you will get benefits of aerobics and resistance exercises without wearing your joints.
Elliptical machine offers a good cardio workout, making your heart beat within, without overloading your joints. This machine work all your leg muscles by strengthening and toning them. It is an ideal device for those who are overweight and will not do jogging.

Stationary Bike

There are two types of stationary bike that you can use, the vertical and lying. Vertical bike simulates real riding of a bicycle, except it does not go anywhere. Lying bike on the other hand, has its seat in place, and has pedals in front. Bicycle exercises are good for cardiovascular fitness and toning the thighs. Lying bikes are especially good for toning the butt. Being stationary, you can enjoy your favorite magazine or a TV program while you are training. For overweight people, lying bikes offers the seat advantage that can be more comfortable than traditional saddle. This type of bike is more ergonomic than a traditional vertical bike and provides an effective way to improve aerobic capacity, and fat burning.
In addition, it provides more support for your back and can be a little more comfortable for people with back pain.


Steppers are available in two versions: hydraulic or scale. The device tones buttocks, thighs and hips. These are women areas, that tend to “balloon” because of too many calories and too little exercise.
Scale stepper is recommended as one of the best cardio machines for people of all ages and shape.